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About Badger Volunteers

Badger Volunteers is a semester-long program that pairs teams of students with community organizations (schools, nonprofits, municipalities) to volunteer 1-4 hours each week at the same organization. The program is designed to foster meaningful and consistent connections between community partners and students over the course of an entire semester. Badger Volunteers provides logistical support, transportation, training and education sessions for student volunteers in the program.

Volunteer opportunities fall into three categories: Education, Sustainability and Public Health. However, Badger Volunteers has an opportunity for any major and any interest.

Badger Volunteers participate in orientation the third week of the semester and begin volunteering the fourth week. Volunteering ends the second-to-last week of the semester.

Summer 2015 registration is now closed. Fall 2015 registration will take place online, September 4-10.

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Why should I be a Badger Volunteer?

1. Volunteer opportunities from over 80 community partners

2. We take care of helping you find transportation off campus

3. The opportunity to work in teams and meet new people

4. Yep, you even get an awesome t-shirt!


Students contact Kari Temkin at

Community Partners interested in bringing a Badger Volunteers team to your organization contact Steph Harrill at or (608) 262-0731.


Badger WE CONSERVEVolunteers is generously supported by UW-Madison Facilities Planning & Management and WE CONSERVE.