Transportation Options

Transportation Options, Morgridge UW-Madison


Transportation Options is a service for any UW-Madison student looking to get off campus to volunteer. Explore the four different options and decide which one is right for you. 

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For All Students

Don't let transportation limit where you can volunteer. We're here to help! Many volunteer opportunities are within walking distance of campus, and every student has access to a free bus pass courtesy of segregated fees. There are also bike-sharing, carsharing and cab opportunities throughout the city.

For Badger Volunteers

At the beginning of every semester, you and your team should decide on the right transportation for your site. In addition to walking and busing options, we provide Badger Volunteers a cab ride option and the B-cycle bike-sharing program.

Click through the four transportation links to find the right option for you.

For Service Learning Students

Students enrolled in official Service Learning Courses may also have access to cab rides. Students will also find many sites within walking distance or along city bus lines.

Click through the five transportation links to find the right option for you.