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Spring 2016 Service Learning courses now listed online

Posted Oct 19, 2015

Spring 2016 course listings are now available, and next semester’s offerings include over 50 Service Learning courses in 30 different departments.

The full listing of spring 2016 Service Learning courses can be found here.

Service Learning courses (also known as Community-based Learning courses) are just like any class available for credit at UW-Madison, but these courses require students to also complete a hands-on project with a local community partner.

In Service Learning courses, students engage in at least 25 hours of volunteer work with a community partner in addition to regular classroom learning. This volunteer work can come in the form of direct service, project-based service or community-based research and aligns directly with the course content.

Spring 2016 course offerings range from the hard sciences to the liberal arts. Departments and schools offering Service Learning classes includes English, biology, public affairs, kinesiology, consumer science, pharmacy and more.

Courses are designed both to meet the needs of the community and also to provide students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of course content through the knowledge and expertise of their community partner.

UW-Madison class surveys consistently find Service Learning classes help students better understand course content. One such survey recently found that over 91 percent of Service Learning students at UW-Madison got more out of their Service Learning course than a traditional course.

Additionally, higher education research shows that students enrolled in Service Learning courses earn higher GPAs and gain better critical thinking skills as a result of the courses.

Students interested in enrolling in a Service Learning course should browse the spring 2016 course listing here or talk with their advisor.