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7 things to know before voting April 5

Posted Mar 29, 2016

There’s a specific place you have to vote. Find your polling location here. Polls open at 7am on Tuesday, April 5 and close at 8pm. As long as you are in line at your correct polling place by 8pm, you will be allowed to vote.

2. The entire process of voting takes as little as 3-5 minutes. It could take longer though if you need to register the day of or if there is a line at your polling location. Give yourself some buffer in your schedule in case there is a line. (High turnout is expected April 5)

3. You can still register to vote on Election Day at your polling location. (If you have moved addresses in Madison since the last time you voted, then you have to re-register.) Just make sure to bring a proof of residence (accepted documents that prove where you live).

4. Your proof of residence can be accessed online in your Student Center. And it's just fine to show the information on your smartphone.

5. A new law requires all voters to present a photo ID at the polls. The most common forms of ID will be a Wisconsin driver’s license or a US Passport, but there are a handful of other IDs that will work.

6. A driver’s license from outside Wisconsin will NOT work. Also, your Wiscard will NOT work. If you don’t have any accepted forms of ID, UW-Madison will make you a special FREE voter ID to use. You can get that voter ID at the Wiscard office in Union South Monday-Friday. (It only takes a few minutes.)

7. You can also get a special voter ID the day of the election. The Wiscard office in Union South will be open until 8pm that day. Also, there will be a special ID station set up at Gordon Dining and Event Center on April 4 from 11am-8pm and April 5 from 7am-8pm.


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