Morgridge Center for Public Service UW-Madison

Dear Potential Investor,

Leadership. Purpose.

These primary attributes apply to any successful enterprise. We are truly fortunate that the Morgridge Center for Public Service at the University of Wisconsin-Madison excels in both.

The most significant example of leadership was, of course, provided by Tashia and John Morgridge whose substantial financial support and commitment helped establish the Center in 1996. Building on the achievements of past directors and staff, the Center today is led by Katherine Cramer, professor of political science and herself a former Morgridge Center research scholar. Kathy is nationally recognized for her innovative study of public opinion, among the handful of top political scientists in the country, and a frequently cited expert on civic engagement and political discussion. Recipient of several prestigious teaching awards, Kathy is an advocate for student involvement beyond the classroom. Most important in her role as Morgridge Center director, she believes in, and demonstrates through her actions, the power of connection, communication and collaboration.

In 2016, the Morgridge Center celebrates 20 years of putting the purpose of the Wisconsin Idea into real-world practice. The Center brings campus and community together to learn from each other, to increase understanding, to build respect and to work for the common good. Morgridge Center relationships often are not only educationally enriching for all involved, they often are life-changing.

We are proud to reach out to you as representatives of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and the Morgridge Center’s partnering communities and organizations. We invite you to help support the work of the Morgridge Center for Public Service for its next 20 years. Your gift today will help ensure that civic engagement continues, strengthens and flourishes at UW-Madison. Thank you.


Lewis A. Friedland
Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, and Affiliated Professor, Department of Sociology, UW-Madison

Mary K. Rouse
Community Activist & Volunteer, and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Dean of Students Emerita, UW-Madison

Morgridge Center for Public Service UW-Madison