Strategic Plan

Abe Lincoln - Morgridge Center for Public Service, UW-Madison


Every five years, the Morgridge Center for Public Service collaborates with key campus and community partners to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to guide our work and partnership development.

Our 2016-2021 Strategic Initiatives

  1. Enhance collaboration across Morgridge Center for Public Service staff and programs to elevate the importance of Community-based Learning (CBL)

  2. Redefine the Morgridge Center for Public Service’s financial model

  3. Leverage Pathways framework to broaden the definition of public service and more holistically prepare UW-Madison students to be their best civic selves

  4. Lead the development and implementation of the Campus Compact Civic Action Plan to foster and strengthen civic engagement at UW-Madison

  5. Become a more equitable and inclusive organization

Download the 2016-21 strategic plan

Download the 2011-16 strategic plan

Download the 2005-10 strategic plan