The Fred Risser Excellence in Engaged Undergraduate Student Award

Previously the Excellence in Civic Engagement Undergraduate Award, the Morgridge Center for Public Service has named the Excellence in Civic Engagement Undergraduate Award after Senator Fred Risser.

The Fred Risser Excellence in Civic Engagement Undergraduate Award will recognize an undergraduate student who has made civic engagement integral to their college experience.

Senator Risser has concluded an extraordinary career in elected office here in Wisconsin. It’s safe to say that without your leadership on the State Building Commission dating back as far as 1960, the UW–Madison campus would not be what it is today.

Here at UW, we want to honor his long and steadfast commitment to public service. The mission of the Morgridge Center for Public Service is to connect campus to community through service and learning to build a thriving democratic society. Your decades of service in both the Wisconsin State Assembly and the Wisconsin State Senate are a truly remarkable example of this pursuit.

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Award winners will receive a $400 one time scholarship and will be honored during the spring semester.

2022: Alli Burgdorf
2021: Tamia Fowlkes
2020: Payton Wade
2019: Shasparay Lighteard
2018: Taylor Gilbertson
2017: Katherine Kokkinias
2016: Dania Shoukfeh
2015: Jacob Riederer
2014: Caitlin DeVos
2013: Allison Gundlach
2012: Katie Crean
2011: Jennifer Mathison & Allison Frankel
2010: Molly Reddy
2009: Casmir Turnquist-Held
2008: Laura Marie Scheinholtz
2007: Jenna Klink

2023 Recipient Brelynn Bille


Brelynn Bille has spent her time as an advocate for disability rights addressing the university’s inequities and barriers to create community spaces for disabled students.

Brelynn’s actions are having an impact both on and off campus, such as working with City of Madison’s Disability Rights Commission and with UW-Madison’s McBurney Disability Resource Center, Associated Students of Madison and SoHE’s Professor Jaspar to expand the campus shuttle system to support disabled students with 80 bus route.

The actions that Brelynn takes is to ensure that students coming after her have a more accessible and inclusive experience.


The Be the Change Bash is the Morgridge Center’s annual end-of-the-semester celebration. The Bash honors students, staff, faculty and community partners who contribute their time and talents to both the community and the UW-Madison campus through service.

The event also includes the Morgridge Center’s annual award ceremony.