Badger Volunteers

Badger Volunteers, Morgridge, UW-Madison

Badger Volunteers connects teams of UW-Madison students with local community sites (schools, nonprofits, municipalities) to volunteer with that organization 1-4 hours every week for an entire semester. We are particularly interested in partners focused on education, sustainability and public health.

Badger Volunteers is ideal for community partners who have a regular, weekly need for volunteers. We provide logistical support, transportation, training and education sessions for student volunteers in the program.

Badger Volunteers operates in the spring, summer and fall.

If interested in bringing a Badger Volunteers team to your organization, contact


Existing Partners: Log Into Your Partner Dashboard

What can I use Badger Volunteers for?

It is up to your site to determine what your needs are and how Badger Volunteers can help support you. We encourage you to think of your needs and structure the Badger Volunteer experience around that need. You can have more than one Badger Volunteer team at your site a week.

Community Nonprofit Eligibility

All potential new sites complete a proposal that asks basic questions about their program and volunteer needs. To be eligible as a community partner, an agency must:

  • Demonstrate a need and utilize volunteers in order to achieve your mission
  • Exhibit a commitment to a weekly service model
  • Have the capacity to handle a group (3-20) of students at one time
  • Demonstrate a willingness to support a positive learning environment for student volunteers
  • Identify a contact person who welcomes the opportunity to serve as a Badger Volunteer Supervisor, who is in the position to make the necessary time commitment

    Badger Volunteers Community Partner Timeline


    Summer 2017

    3/27 - 4/10 Community Partner Registration

    4/17 - 4/30 Recruit Leaders

    5/1 - 5/5 Match Sites and Leaders

    by 5/8 Announce Leader Placements

    5/30 Pre-Registration for Returning Volunteers

    5/31 - 6/8 Recruit Volunteers

    5/30 - 6/9 Orient Leaders

    6/12 - 6/16 Orient Volunteers

    6/19 Volunteering Begins

    8/11 Volunteering Ends (8 weeks)

    8/15 Celebration


    Fall 2017

    3/27 - 4/10 Community Partner Registration

    4/17 - 4/30 Recruit Leaders

    5/1 - 5/5 Match Sites and Leaders

    by 5/8 Announce Leader Placements

    9/7 Pre-Registration for Returning Volunteers

    9/8 - 9/14 Recruit Volunteers

    9/8 - 9/15 Orient Leaders

    9/18 - 9/22 Orient Volunteers

    9/25 Volunteering Begins

    11/23 - 11/24 Thanksgiving Break

    12/8 Volunteering Ends (11 weeks)

    12/12 Celebration

    Spring 2018

    10/30 - 11/13 Community Partner Registration

    11/20 - 12/3 Recruit Leaders

    12/4 - 12/8 Match Sites and Leaders

    by 12/11 Announce Leader Placements

    1/18 Pre-Registration for Returning Volunteers

    1/19 - 1/25 Recruit Volunteers

    1/16 - 1/26 Orient Leaders

    1/29 - 2/2 Orient Volunteers

    2/5 Volunteering Begins

    3/24 - 4/1 Spring Break

    4/27 Volunteering Ends (11 weeks)

    4/30 - 5/4 (TBD) Be the Change Bash


    *Exact dates are subject to change related to programming, however, the general timeline will remain the same (i.e. BV Registration will be the first two weeks of the semester, though the exact start and end dates may change)