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Wisconsin Idea Exchange

The Wisconsin Idea Exchange is an interactive database designed to help community groups and UW-Madison faculty and staff find collaborative community-based learning and research projects. Community groups can post project ideas or community needs in the database.

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Please Note:
If you are a community group seeking general student volunteers, please post those needs on

Community-based Learning Courses

Sometimes also called “service learning,” community-based learning (CBL) is a credit-bearing course that integrates meaningful community within course curriculum. 75-80 CBL courses are taught at UW-Madison every year.

Past CBL course examples include:

  • Health education students teaching stress management skills to a community group
  • A Spanish course in which students provided recreational programs for children in the Latino community
  • A journalism class that helped create a website to promote South Madison restaurants

Interested in partnering with a CBL course? Contact Beth Tryon at or (608)890-3334.


Research Partnerships

Have ideas that could use academic research assistance? Join the Wisconsin Idea Exchange.

Or click here to learn more about research partners.