Community-based Learning Courses

Community-based learning, Morgridge, UW-Madison

Sometimes also called “service learning,” community-based learning (CBL) is a credit-bearing course that integrates meaningful community service within course curriculum. Along with traditional classroom learning, each student is expected to dedicate 25 hours to working with the course’s community partner. About 100 CBL courses are taught at UW-Madison every year.

The community-based learning model emphasizes reciprocal relationships. Students provide a service to the community partner, while students in the course benefit from the experience and knowledge of the community partner.



Fall 2017 community-based learning courses

Summer 2017 community-based learning courses

Spring 2017 community-based learning courses

Past CBL Course Examples

Health education students teaching stress management skills to a community group.

A Spanish course in where students provide recreational programs for children in the Latino community.

A journalism class that creates a website to promote South Madison restaurants.


Interested in partnering with a CBL course? Contact Beth Tryon at or (608)890-3334.