Bagels and Research

Bagels and Research, Morgridge, UW-Madison

Typically held monthly during academic semesters, Bagels and Research presentations highlight community-based research on the UW campus. Presenters included graduate students, faculty/staff and community partners

This series showcases the breadth of community-based research on campus by providing in-depth examples of current research as it relates to students learning outcomes, community impacts and theoretical exploration.

Friday, April 14

9:00 - 10:00am

Dealing with Dilemmas: The Role of Practical Wisdom in Professional Youth Practice

Dayana Kupsik, M.S.
Doctoral Candidate in Human Development and Family Studies

As professionals we constantly face difficult situations and problems. While some problems are straight forward, others can be confusing and contradictory, having no clear or easy solution. For example, a coworker behaves unethically and you have to decide whether to tell the truth to your supervisor or break the trust you’ve built with a client or coworker. What do you do? And how do you decide? What we need is practical wisdom.

How we handle such complex dilemmas has the potential to impact, for better or worse, our relationships, clients and environments. This presentation will draw on the findings of a recent study of practical wisdom and examine how youth practitioners respond to common and complex situations within the context of their practice.

We’ll discuss the elements of practical wisdom, individual qualities that promote wise reasoning, and the real-world implications of utilizing a practical wisdom approach for training and programing in the context of youth work. Implications for other types of professional practice will also be explored.