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Professional Development

The Morgridge Center plans a series of workshops for faculty and staff, based on what Community-based Learning instructors have shared they would like more support with.

We also host Bagels and Research (typically held monthly during academic semesters) presentations highlighting Community-based Research on the UW campus. Presenters included graduate students, faculty/staff and community partners. This series showcases the breadth of community-based research on campus by providing in-depth examples of current research as it relates to students learning outcomes, community impacts and theoretical exploration.

Gabrielle Kelenyi: Writing & Participatory Pedagogies
Thursday, Nov. 3 — 9-10am via Zoom
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What helps one confidently self-identify as a writer? This presentation is about how writing and facilitation in a university-adjacent writing group for adults enhances participants’ sense that they are writers. Gabrielle will share how the introduction of participatory pedagogies into Our Writing Group (OWG) has helped the group become guided more deeply by members’ literacy desires, which in turn helps enhance OWG members’ writerly confidence by validating and affirming their literacy desires as important and worthy.

Participatory pedagogies helps the group prioritize multiple avenues for participation in all aspects of group meetings and makes room for OWG writers to exert greater collective leadership over the group. Seen through the lens of African American civil rights activist Ella Baker’s teach-learn-lead praxis (Parker), Gabrielle will articulate how the writing group operates as a “free space” where members offer personal expertise by openly interrogating normalized understandings of writers and writing and where members demonstrate leadership by establishing a group identity together in ways that honor individual and group literacy desires.

Past Bagels and Research Presentations
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Community Partnerships & Outreach Staff Network members share a vision of the Wisconsin Idea that recognizes community members as full partners, essential to the engaged, collaborative work that transforms our communities and institutions for the public good.

The Community Partnerships and Outreach (CPO) Staff Network was established in 2008 as a community of practice of University of Wisconsin–Madison staff members who span the boundaries between campus and community. Staff members are the “brand representatives” of the Wisconsin Idea.

CPO Staff Network professionals facilitate projects, programs, services and relationships with community partners that are sustained, mutually beneficial, equitable and respectful of the knowledge, values, priorities, resources and needs of all partners. Visit the CPO staff network page for upcoming meetings.

Community-Engaged Scholarship Specialist Cory Sprinkel: sprinkel@wisc.edu