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Course Development Grants

The Community-based Learning Course Development Grant Program is intended to support courses that bring together a diverse group of UW–Madison students to engage in Community-based Learning with non-profit or community organizations. Community-based Learning is a credit-bearing, high-impact educational experience that integrates meaningful community engagement, both direct engagement as well as project-based work, with guided reflection to enhance students’ understanding of course content and sense of civic responsibility.

Proposals that address how the course will involve a diverse group of UW–Madison students to meet a community-identified priority are especially encouraged. Extra consideration will be given to proposals addressing the recommendations of the Civic Action Plan, especially #9: “Support innovative models of community-based learning and student engagement that create sustained partnerships and sustained student engagement that complement the common/typical one semester course (university-centered) time frame.”

This initiative is designed to support undergraduate and graduate-level courses in all disciplines.

  • Wages for an upper-level undergraduate or graduate student, including a TA or PA, to assist with course development and implementation. (Note: if funding is used to support a graduate PA, tuition remission will be waived for the semester.)
  • Community engagement staff and initiatives
  • Supplies and other miscellaneous expenses directly related to course development and implementation

Click here to see the current and past funded CBL grants.

Assistant Director of Community-Engaged Scholarship Haley Madden: hmadden@wisc.edu

Budget and Application Form

Proposals are now being accepted for the Community-based Learning Course Development Grant program to support the development of new Community-based Learning courses, add a community-based component to existing courses, or sustain an ongoing CBL course.

Review criteria for applicants: Click here to see rubric.

Application Form: Click here to access the application form. You may use the word document to develop your proposal. Proposals must be submitted through the provided Qualtrics link.

Application Deadline:
Our CBL grant applications is currently closed given that we have exhausted our funding.