Community University Exchange (CUE)

Community University Exchange, Morgridge, UW-Madison

Community-University Exchange (CUE) is a community-based learning program that facilities community-based projects led by a UW-Madison faculty or staff member along with students. With the partnership of the community, projects are done in the form of either research or a community-based learning class.

What Does CUE Offer?

A clearinghouse of resources
for campus-community partnerships between UW-Madison and the wider community

The means to connect academic resources with community knowledge
by facilitating partnerships that afford students, faculty and staff the ability to interact with community members and work together to find sustainable solutions to community issues

Encouragement and support of partnerships
between campus and community by providing learning resources to all partners

Directing community needs and challenges
to the appropriate campus resources

Development and support a sustainable infrastructure
for community-based learning at UW-Madison

The Science Shop Model

CUE is based on the European “Science Shop” model developed in the Netherlands in the 1970s. 

A “Science Shop” is not a shop in a traditional sense, but rather a place or people that the community can approach with either specific research questions or just ask for help in solving social and community issues. It also does not have to pertain to hard science.