CUE South Madison


CUE South Madison was developed collaboratively between community partners and UW-Madison staff. CUE works with professors, academic staff and community leaders to document and facilitate the many campus-community efforts in the area.

An initial community-needs assessment identified South Madison’s top 3 priorities:

Priority 1:
Economic vitality
Priority 2: Image/ perception stigma of the area
Priority 3: Healthy food access and nutrition education

Project Activities

Slow-Food UW, a student organization, established an outreach component in South Madison. The group served meals and snacks at various events for children and adults, organized Teen Cooking Nights, established two local gardens and provided teaching assistance at an area Middle School.

Common Wealth Development and a UW student mapped foreclosed properties in the area to underscore the need for federal neighborhood stabilization funds.

Project Courses

  • Inter-HE 504: CUE South Madison, A pilot for community-campus partnership
  • CSNR 477: Making Part Street more accessible and welcoming to students
  • Inter-HE 560: Community Leadership
  • J676: Technology for Social Change
  • Inter-HE 570: Community-Based Research and Evaluation
  • N 590: Culturally Congruent Health Care Practice
  • ENVST 600: Community-Based Research with South Madison Farmers Market
  • Family Voices Mentor Tutoring Program


Project Information

CUE Affiliates: Beth Tryon, Margaret Nellis, Ariel Kaufman, Cynthia Jasper, Young-Mie Kim, Alfonso Morales

Community Partners:
South Metropolitan Planning Council, Park Street Partners, South Madison Farmer’s Market, Boys & Girls Club of Dane County