Instructor Expectations

  • Set learning objectives
  • Identify and meet with potential service sites
  • Describe community-based learning activity and relation to course objectives in syllabus
  • Facilitate activities that will prepare students for service
  • Guide/foster in-class reflection
  • Review reflective journals and final papers
  • Give final letter grade

Student Expectations

  • Fulfill all agreed upon duties and responsibilities at the placement site, as well as being prompt, willing, respectful and positive
  • Be open to learning about cultures and lifestyles different from their own
  • Communicate with site supervisor or instructor if uncomfortable or uncertain about role
  • Respect confidentiality of clients served
  • Complete necessary paperwork, provide feedback regarding service experience, participate in course discussions and participate in evaluation process

Community Partner Expectations

  • Orient students to the agency’s mission and goals so that they can better understand their role within the agency
  • Provide work that is relevant to course content and challenging to the student
  • Provide the training, supervision, feedback, and resources necessary for student success in the community-based learning experience
  • Ensure a safe work environment and reasonable hours for the student to perform service

Morgridge Center Expectations

  • Educate faculty/instructional staff about community-based learning/research pedagogies and best practices
  • Serve as an advisor on logistical, risk management, and troubleshooting issues
  • Maintain and share a current roster of CBL faculty and courses
  • Assist with finding community partner organizations, when appropriate
  • Connect new faculty with faculty mentors, and work to strengthen the community of community-based learning