Wisconsin Without Borders

Wisconsin Without Borders, Morgridge, UW-Madison

2017 Wisconsin Without Borders Awards Ceremony

Monday, May 8  |  4:00 - 5:30pm

Education Building, Wisconsin Idea Room (159)


Wisconsin Without Borders (WWB) is a UW-Madison alliance and award program that recognizes globally engaged interdisciplinary scholarship and fosters excellence by networking through joint learning activities. We draw on the history and values of the Wisconsin Idea and the many remarkable partnerships that UW-Madison faculty members and students have initiated, both in Wisconsin and around the world.

WWB is a partnership between the Morgridge Center for Public Service, the Global Health Institute and The International Division.

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Award Categories

Service Learning Award

For faculty, academic staff, graduate students and professional students.
The focus of this award is on a project that exemplifies the goals of service learning by highlighting ‘service’ or other engagement activities that are of value to the community. Applications should:

  • Include evidence of a reciprocal relationship with the community partner
  • Incorporate student reflection
  • Link the activity to formal credit / academic learning


Community Based Research Award

For faculty, academic staff, graduate students and professional students.
The focus of this award is on the collaborative enterprise between academic researchers and community members. The project should:

  • Be able validate multiple sources of knowledge and promote the use of multiple methods of discovery and dissemination of the knowledge produced
  • Demonstrate a goal of social action/social change and sustainability
  • Be designed in collaboration with the community itself. Evidence of a reciprocal relationship with the community partner must be included.


Peter Bosscher Award

For undergraduate students.
Wisconsin Without Borders honors the work of Dr. Peter Bosscher, whose work and ethic of social responsibility is at the core of WWB. He was passionate about providing service-learning opportunities to undergraduates and having students reflect on the global impact of their work. It is in this context that WWB will award two undergraduate awards of $500 each to students (individual/group) who can demonstrate through their project submission:

  • A commitment to service
  • Reflection
  • Strong community partnerships


4W Award

For undergraduate students.
This award recognizes initiatives improving quality life issues for women and making the world better for all, promoting excellence in areas related to gender and wellbeing, both locally and globally. Submissions must reflect evidence of 4W core principles include a focus on:

    • Basic needs and human rights
    • Equality for all
    • Leadership and voice
    • Ecological justice


      Multimedia Award

      For faculty, academic staff and all students.
      The focus of this award is on creative visual representations that are able to capture the story and “reflection” aspect of a community based learning and/or globally engaged activity. All submissions need to be:

      • Culturally appropriate
      • Submitted with the community partners’/participants’ permission
      • Submitted with resources appropriately cited
      • No longer than 5 minutes in length