UW South Madison Partnership

Villager Mall
2312 South Park Street
Madison, WI 53713

Opened in 2015, the South Madison Partnership (SMP) is a UW–Madison initiative designed to meet the South Madison community’s needs and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Located in the Villager Mall, the physical space—equipped with classroom space, conference rooms, private meeting areas, and university resources—allows community members to engage with UW–Madison in a more accessible, meaningful way.

Current programming at the SMP includes the UW Odyssey Project, which offers a free humanities course for adult students facing ecnonomic barriers to college, and the Neighborhood Law Clinic, which provides a range of legal and advocacy services to low-income community members.

University partners are encouraged to utilize the space for classes and meetings to engage community members and integrate students into the community. (Please read usage guidelines before reserving a space.)

Follow UWSMP on Facebook @UWSMP or contact them at partnership@morgridge.wisc.edu

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