We are dedicated to the idea that earning a college degree is preparation for not only a professional career, but life as a citizen.

The Wisconsin Idea is the university’s proudest tradition and its driving purpose. The Morgridge Center for Public Service puts that purpose into practice, leading the university in preparing students for life-long civic engagement.

The Morgridge Center is innovative, nimble, continuously learning, and dedicated to improving its programs and services. Nearly every school, college and corner of the university is somehow linked to the Morgridge Center for Public Service.

The Morgridge Center prepares students to become engaged citizens, active members of their community and tomorrow’s leaders. Faculty become involved through teaching community-engaged learning courses, integrating service into their curricula and conducting community-engaged research.

Your gift to the Morgridge Center for Public Service works like ripples in a pool. It touches lives on campus, locally and globally. The Morgridge Center inspires students, faculty and staff to give of themselves to benefit people beyond the university.

Thanks to Tashia and John Morgridge, the university and private support, the Morgridge Center for Public Service has been able to achieve an impressive record in the first 20 years. We look forward to the next 20 and invite you to help us expand our work around the corner and around the world.


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