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Morgridge Center for Public Service UW-Madison

The Morgridge Center for Public Service offers a wide choice of giving opportunities. Wherever you designate your gift, you will help develop leadership skills, advance learning, strengthen campus and community partnerships and most important, visibly demonstrate the university’s tradition of service, inclusion and equity.

Explore specific ways that you can support the Morgridge Center for Public Service below by clicking on a header. To learn more about giving opportunities, contact Morgridge Center Faculty Director Kathy Cramer at kathy.cramer@wisc.edu or 608-262-0787.

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Your gifts enable us to grow and sustain our successful on-going programs and to create programs that match the ideas, needs and assets of our community partners with the ideas, needs and assets of the Morgridge Center.

South Madison Partnership Program Assistant

Building upon a long history of investment in the South Madison community, UW-Madison Community Relations and the Morgridge Center envisioned a physical space reflecting the collaborative spirit between the university and the nearby neighborhood. The space, which opened in early 2015, is used by many campus-community collaborations such as legal clinics and service-learning courses.


Private support for a Program Assistant will enable the Partnership to work toward its initial goals. These include bringing together existing UW-Madison collaborations and programming that already take place in South Madison; building, promoting and hosting community-engaged learning courses and hosting courses taught by Continuing Studies; and linking community groups with UW-Madison personnel and services.

Community Partner in Residence

The Morgridge Center for Public Service constantly strives to combine assets with community partners to improve the quality of life in the Madison area for all in the spirit of equity and inclusion. Your support will enable us to invite staff members from partner organizations to join the Morgridge Center staff for a semester, bringing their perspective and knowledge to campus, and accessing university experience and expertise.

Student Staffing Program

Support will allow the Morgridge Center to offer several dozen or more undergraduate and graduate students a paid opportunity to gain valuable experience working in a variety of jobs while also contributing to the Center’s mission.

The Philanthropy Lab

Initiated in 2011, The Philanthropy Lab (www.thephilanthropylab.org) and its donor partners have given over $3.9 million to build philanthropy education at universities across the United States. UW-Madison joins Harvard, Northwestern University, Stanford University, UCLA, the University of Michigan and other world-class higher education institutions in offering an undergraduate course in this exciting new area of study. The primary goal of the hands-on learning course is to ignite students’ interest and participation in philanthropy by giving them the tangible responsibility of directing real money to nonprofit organizations while earning course credit.


At UW-Madison, this program and course are a joint project of the School of Human Ecology (SoHE), the Morgridge Center, and the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association. A course, Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, will expose students to grant-making and the inner workings of various nonprofits. SoHE not only has a strong history of and commitment to experiential learning, but also a student body eager to learn through practical, real world experiences and responsibilities. Gifts will provide funds for students to manage under the supervision of School of Human Ecology and Morgridge Center for Public Service faculty and staff. The resulting three-fold impact will benefit students, the university and the local community.

For specific information on how you can invest in any of these opportunities, please contact: Kathy Cramer, Morgridge Center Faculty Director
kathy.cramer@wisc.edu  |  608-262-078

Many promising UW-Madison students are highly motivated to put their educations to use in service to others. By helping others, they enrich their own Wisconsin Experience. Morgridge Center “alumni” are well-prepared to be active, involved global citizens. Students gain real world experience in critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

Adopt a Badger Volunteer

Badger Volunteers is a semester-long program that pairs teams of students with community organizations (schools,nonprofits, municipalities) to volunteer 1-4 hours each week with the same organization. The program is designed to foster meaningful and consistent connections between community partners and students over the course of an entire semester. Badger Volunteers provides logistical support, transportation, training and education sessions for student volunteers in the program.

Badger Volunteers Intern Program

Badger Volunteers also are valuable staff members often working in areas related to their majors including operations, development, educational programming or community development.

Transportation Options

Working in the community requires getting to these communities. Transportation support enables Badger Volunteers and service learning students to travel to and from their work locations safely and cost-effectively. Gifts provide assistance for bike, bus, carshare or cab transportation. Reliable transportation makes volunteer opportunities more accessible to students and brings the skills, talents and enthusiasm of students to the organizations.

Badger Volunteers Project Assistant

Creating a Badger Volunteers Project Assistant position to work with all aspects of the program including evaluation and assessment.

For specific information on how you can invest in any of these opportunities, please contact: Kathy Cramer, Morgridge Center Faculty Director
kathy.cramer@wisc.edu  |  608-262-078

Support learning through service as part of coursework.

Student Sponsorships

Undergraduate sponsorships help students meet the costs of participating in a service-learning course, which may include transportation, materials and supplies and other expenses.


Wisconsin Idea Fellowships for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Wisconsin Idea Fellowships presently are awarded annually to undergraduate students, and it is anticipated, to graduate students for projects implemented to solve issues identified by local or global communities. Fellowships are awarded to semester-long or year-long projects designed by a student (or group of students) in collaboration with a community organization and a UW-Madison faculty or academic staff member.


Wisconsin Community Fellowships

The Wisconsin Community Fellowships (WCF) provide resources to support UW-Madison student projects aimed at public engagement over the summer in a Wisconsin community to which the student has a personal connection.

New Service-Learning Course Development Grants

In 2014-15, the university offered 103 service-learning courses in 42 departments among eight schools and colleges enrolling more than 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students. There is strong demand among passionate faculty and eager students to grow this portfolio of course offerings. The university is committed to enhancing academic excellence through these high impact learning options.

Grant Writer Position

A full-time professional grant writer will help Morgridge Center for Public Service access additional funding and coach graduate students and faculty within the grant application process.

For specific information on how you can invest in any of these opportunities, please contact: Kathy Cramer, Morgridge Center Faculty Director
kathy.cramer@wisc.edu  |  608-262-078

Recognition awards, presented annually, honor faculty and staff whose dedication of time and expertise make the Morgridge Center for Public Service a national model. Awards also provide funding for recipients to advance their work and may be used as seed money to attract additional research grants.

Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award

The Morgridge Center for Public Service will join the 60+ year tradition of honoring outstanding educators with teaching awards. Recipients are selected for their enthusiasm, creativity, commitment and ability to inspire and motivate students.

Academic and University Staff Distinguished Service Award

Academic and university staff employees make essential contributions to campus/community partnerships. They teach classes, conduct research, participate in outreach and service programs and help administer programs and units.

Faculty Fellows Program for Early-Career Faculty

The Faculty Fellows Program provides an incentive for early-career faculty to participate in community-engaged learning, also known as service learning. Each year, the Morgridge Center will select eight early-career faculty to engage in seminars on community-engaged learning and give them a small grant to help implement a course.

Graduate Student Project Assistantship

The Graduate Student Project Assistantship includes assignments such as coordinating programs and events, analyzing data or working directly with students. Graduate students receive a monthly stipend, tuition remission and health insurance eligibility.

New Outreach Community of Practice Hire

The UW-Madison Community Partnerships and Outreach (CPO) unites faculty and staff who share a vision of the Wisconsin Idea. The CPO network recognizes community members as full partners essential to the collaborative work that transforms both our community and institution for the public good. Creation of a position to coordinate communication and activities will help make this campus-wide network more efficient and effective.

For specific information on how you can invest in any of these opportunities, please contact: Kathy Cramer, Morgridge Center Faculty Director
kathy.cramer@wisc.edu  |  608-262-078

You may choose to make a discretionary gift to the area of greatest impact. These gifts allow the Morgridge Center for Public Service Director to tap funds for exceptional purposes or unanticipated needs. 


For specific information on how you can invest in this opportunity, please contact: Kathy Cramer, Morgridge Center Faculty Director
| 608-262-078

Or: Give online to our Annual Fund.