Our Former Students

Alan Paberzs Morgridge Center for Public Service

Alan Paberzs

“Without the Morgridge Center, I wouldn’t have been prepared both professionally or personally for a career. It’s been a great experience, and it truly all started at the Morgridge Center.”

When Alan Pabezs graduated from UW-Madison in 2005, he found a unique career path to live out his passions for public service and the Wisconsin Idea. Alan says the time he spent with the Morgridge Center for Public Service as an undergrad allowed him to develop a service-based identity. Today, Alan serves as the director of development for the Bluhm Legal Clinic at Northwestern University's School of Law.

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Jenna Bushnell Morgridge Center for Public Service

Jenna Bushnell

“I'm not sure I've met a more inspiring group of people dedicated to both the university and Madison who are so fervently committed to tapping into UW-Madison's dedicated student body to make a difference."

A Washington, DC native, Jenna Bushnell always had public service in her blood. UW-Madison gave her the opportunities to make it a career. A past social media intern with the Morgridge Center, Jenna now serves as a public affairs specialist for the Peace Corps in DC.

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Dana Vielmetti Morgridge Center for Public Service

Dana Vielmetti

"And I would say that being at UW-Madison, I had a lot of great influences. I had mentors and professors who pushed me and encouraged me to pursue public service. I think because of the UW’s mission and the liberal arts scene I was in, I really, more importantly, took away the Wisconsin Idea and that public-service spirit more than any vocational skills."

Inspired by her experiences working with new communities while an undergrad at UW-Madison, Dana Vielmetti set off across the world and back again to live and spread the Wisconsin Idea. After a yearlong fellowship in Japan and three years with the DC-based nonprofit Ad Council, Dana is now working to build better public-private partnerships and corporate social responsibility within for-profit companies.

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