Our Former Students (2019-20)

Anusha Naik


Molecular Biology and Anthropology 

“Working at the Morgridge Center has been a daily reminder to slow down and think about the world around me — my colleagues, campus, community and the larger global community. It has been inspiring to get to know my peers and the professional staff and to hear their perspectives on why community engagement is crucial. I’m thankful to the Morgridge Center for being such a positive influence in my senior year.”

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Caitlin Attaway


History and Political Science

“The Morgridge Center has given me the opportunity to be more involved with UW-Madison’s campus community. As a vote intern, I was able to interact with lots of students and help them learn more about the voting process.”

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Caitriona Hobart


Community and Nonprofit Leadership

“Working at the Morgridge Center has been a wonderful experience! The staff has been extremely welcoming and has taught me so much about how to engage in difficult dialogue!”

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Catherine Torner


English Literature and Educational Policy
Gender and Women’s Studies Certificate

“The Morgridge Center has made a huge impact on me! I will forever be thankful for the people that I met through this position. The Morgridge Center staff, both professional and student, have been some of the kindest and most supportive people I have ever met! Working in this position has also solidified for me the importance of community-engaged work in education, and I will carry that with me into my own future classroom!”

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Chue Feng Yang


Asian American Certificate

“Working at the Morgridge Center has opened my eyes to the world of civic engagement. Prior to working here, I had little to no involvement with the Madison community. Through the Morgridge Center, I have become more aware of the local issues of Madison. I am forever grateful for the Morgridge Center for bursting my campus bubble and bridging the gap between campus and community.”

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Cynthia Liu


Communication Arts, Marketing and Information Systems

“The Morgridge Center deepened my realization of the importance of civic engagement and social impact.”

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Hayley Barwick


Economics and Political Science

“The Morgridge Center challenges me to always reevaluate how I engage with the community in a respectful and mutually beneficial way. As someone going into public policy, understanding how to respectfully enter and exit a community will help me best serve any community I find myself in after graduation.”

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Jaya Monte


Early Elementary Education
ESL Certificate

“The Morgridge Center has meant so much to me during my time at UW-Madison. I have had so many opportunities to grow professionally and I have met amazing people along the way.”

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Jazmin Zamorano


Education Studies

“The Morgridge Center has been my safe place on campus.”

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Lauren Hoffarth


Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies  
Global Health Certificate

“The Morgridge Center has meant so much to me during my time at UW-Madison. I have had so many opportunities to grow professionally and I have met amazing people along the way.”

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Maddie Girard


Industrial and Systems Engineering

“The Morgridge Center has given me a safe space where I can be myself. Since my first time in the center, all of the staff have welcomed and accepted me with open arms. Working at the Morgridge Center has shown me how a job can be more than just a job. I have learned the value of work-life balance and the importance of working for a mission-driven organization that truly values its employees. Even though my time at the center was short, I will forever cherish the memories and connections I have gained.”

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Matt Flynn


Geography, Environmental Studies and GIS/Cartography

“The Morgridge Center has educated me on the complex collaborated effort that is put in behind the scenes to increase civic engagement in communities near and far which is something that I plan to carry with me and pass on to others. Aside from this, the culture at the Morgridge Center for Public Service has really opened my eyes to the type of work culture that I would like to be a part of post-graduation.”

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Mfonobong Ufot


Agriculture and Applied Economics and International Studies
Gender and Women’s Studies Certificate

“I have had various internships and jobs during my college career but the Morgridge Center has been the best working environment. I really thrived because the Morgridge Center goes beyond just diversity to practicing inclusion in every facet of the workplace. I could talk to anyone and reach out for ideas and feedback from anyone, regardless of authority level. My knowledge about campus and community resources has grown tremendously. I really wished I started working here earlier.”

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Mira Grinsfelder


Education Studies

“The Morgridge Center is very intentional in its community-facing work, as well as its center-facing work. Being able to bring my whole self to work each day unashamed is really special. I wish it wasn’t the first time I felt that kind of inclusion and acceptance, but it is. The culture of care and community at the Morgridge Center is something that I will seek and reproduce moving forward.”

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Nikki Oden


Economics and English Literature

“The Morgridge Center gave me the ability to learn more about the Madison community and how important it is to listen to the people in the programs who are receiving aid. It gave me the ability to share my experiences and knowledge of respectfully working with children, especially when the backgrounds of student volunteers and children differ significantly.”

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Rishard Bournes


Personal Finance

“I tell everyone that if you want to be a part of a movement that is making a crucial impact in Madison on- and off-campus — come work at the Morgridge Center. The Morgridge Center has impacted me through the mentors I’ve gained, the friendships created amongst the student interns and working with the most committed group of people. The Morgridge Center holds a special chapter in my life and I will forever cherish it. I couldn’t end my last internship on campus anywhere but the Morgridge Center!”

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Sydney Onesti


Industrial and Systems Engineering

“The Morgridge Center has given me a welcoming space on campus that has connected me with so many amazing people and showed me the importance of connecting with the community.”

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Tarah Stangler


English and Community and Nonprofit Leadership

“The Morgridge Center has shown me what an ideal work environment looks like; supportive, understanding and challenges me to grow. It set a standard that I will continue to search for in future jobs. It has also introduced me to really great people who not only support me in a work capacity but in life — getting closer to them has been one of the best parts of working there.”

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