To ensure the best experience for you and for your community partner, we have a few simple expectations. Badger Volunteers:

  1. Commit to volunteering once per week for the entire semester

  2. Volunteer with their team and with the same organization at the same day and time each week

  3. Participate in an orientation, at least one education session and the end-of-the semester celebration

  4. Represent the Morgridge Center for Public Service, UW-Madison and themselves respectfully

Failure to Adhere to Expectations:

Community partners rely on Badger Volunteers to serve as dedicated, responsible and engaged volunteers. Failing to meet any of the following expectations will prohibit a volunteer for participating in the program the following semester:

  • Missing more than two volunteer sessions
  • Dropping out of the program mid-semester
  • Failing to complete an education session and missing more than one volunteer session