Badger Volunteers FAQs

General BV Questions

Who can be a Badger Volunteer?

Any UW-Madison student (including graduate students) can join Badger Volunteers. There is no further screening process. Please see the expectations for situations where students may be asked to sit out the program for one semester.

Do I need previous volunteer experience to join Badger Volunteers?
No, you do not need any special skills or prior experience to join Badger Volunteers.

Do we get any training before volunteering?
We have orientations the week before volunteering begins so you are able to meet your team members and understand the logistics of volunteering. The community partner gives an onsite orientation the first week of volunteering.

Is there a GPA requirement to join the program?

What type of volunteer opportunities do you have?
Badger Volunteers partners with over 90 community organizations so there are many different volunteer opportunities. Each opportunity falls under one of our three focus areas: education, sustainability and public health.

How long do you volunteer?
Badger Volunteers is an 11 week commitment, with individual volunteer sessions ranging from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the community partner site. The time listed for each opportunity does not account for transportation to and from the site- so be sure your schedule can accommodate extra time before and after volunteering.

Is transportation provided?
Yes. Teams going to community partner sites that are more than a 35 minute bus ride have access to cab or Zip Car paid for by the Morgridge Center for Public Service. Leaders coordinate transportation for the team.

I’ve already been a Badger Volunteer although I would like more leadership experience. What can I do?


When is registration open?

Registration typically opens during the first week of each semester.

Where can I register?
Registration takes place entirely online, at

Do I need to register generally for Badger Volunteers or for a specific volunteer opportunity?
You’ll do both in the same registration process. When registration opens, each volunteer site on the online listing of opportunities will have a “volunteer on this team” button. Click this button and it will prompt you to register. You will then receive an automated email with more details and expectations.

Do returning Badger Volunteers get priority registration?
Yes, returning students can register one day before general registration.

Is registration for each team first come, first served?
Yes. Teams fill up very quickly, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Can I volunteer for more than one volunteer site in a semester?
Yes, however we strongly encourage you to make sure you can keep multiple commitments for the entire semester.

Is there a limit to the number of students who can join Badger Volunteers each semester?
Yes. Each volunteer opportunity has a cap on capacity. If you are interested in that opportunity but the capacity is full, you are welcome to join the waitlist and we will let you know by the end of registration if there is room. We encourage students who join a waitlist to also register for a second-choice opportunity in case they don’t get their first choice.

What if I couldn’t join Badger Volunteers this semester?
No worries! The Morgridge Center for Public Service has peer advisors who will help connect you to other volunteer opportunities that match your interests. You can also sign up to receive Morgridge Mail, our weekly e-newsletter which includes volunteer opportunities, events, jobs and internships.