Achievement Connections Volunteer Award

Achievement Connections is a math tutoring program that seeks to improve the academic opportunity gap and increase high school graduation rates by providing one-on-one tutoring to students. The Achievement Connections Volunteer Award recognizes a volunteer who has gone above and beyond as a math tutor.

2020 Recipients Molly Peden and Frank Pekovich

Molly Peden, 2020 Achievement Connections Volunteer Award recipientMolly brings much happiness and enthusiasm to tutoring and the Achievement Connections program. She is energetic, insightful, and always full of ideas for improvement. She is dedicated to her students, holding them to high standards and pushing them forward while maintaining a considerate and caring environment. And she holds herself to high standards too, by being a reliable volunteer and dedicated scholar. When Molly walks into the room, we know it’s going to be a good day — she is a joy for both students and staff to work with.

Frank as he has continually shown not only a dedication to his students in faithfully showing up, being patient, asking for personalized assignments for them, and giving them constant positive feedback and support; but he has also remained committed to improving himself as a tutor and is not afraid to ask for help, guidance, or correction. He’s always willing to do whatever it takes to serve others better. He has been tutoring at Middleton for all six years of achievement connections and even more at Schools of Hope.


The Be the Change Bash is the Morgridge Center’s annual end-of-the-semester celebration. The Bash honors students, staff, faculty and community partners who contribute their time and talents to both the community and the UW-Madison campus through service.

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