Louis Korenman Badger Volunteers Award

The Louis Korenman Badger Volunteers Award honors a student who exemplifies the spirit of the Badger Volunteers community and, like Louis, considers volunteering a central part of their college experience.

The Louis Korenman Badger Volunteers Award is presented to a Badger Volunteer for whom volunteering was a central part of their college experience and excels in the following areas:

Commitment to Service within a Community: the nominee embraces service as a central part of their UW experience, and recognizes the importance of contributing to the community in a meaningful way that respects the organization while honoring the civic and social issues they aim to work with.

Awareness of Self and Others: the nominee is dedicated to self-reflection to identify strengths and areas of growth to inform ongoing personal development as well as understanding of others. The nominee works to build meaningful mutually beneficial relationships.

Embodiment of the Badger Volunteers Spirit: the nominee exudes the spirit and energy of the Badger Volunteers community and serves as a positive ambassador and model of Badger Volunteers within both campus and the broader community.

The application is closed.

Award recipient receives a $400 one-time scholarship payment and will be honored during the spring semester Be The Change Bash.

2019: Kimberly Baeb and Grace Swanson
2018: Gabrielle Heytens
2017: Carol Silva
2016: Dean Bowen
2015: Kaitlyn Shaughnessy
2014: Aaron Vogt
2013: Jewel Rose
2012: Andrea Radi
2011: Jessica Boebel

As a student at UW–Madison, Louis dedicated much of his time to helping others, including his friends. Service and caring for his community was central to his way of life. Even while studying abroad in London, he volunteered to provide support to the homeless and to tutor disadvantaged students.

As a Badger Volunteer, Louis spent two years empowering and supporting youth at Madison community centers. Those who worked with him appreciated his patience and dedication to the students. However, perhaps more remarkable, was his sincere commitment to building relationships and demonstrating genuine care for his community. One particular example involved Louis’ childhood Lego collection. After several weeks of volunteering, he asked his family to mail his enormous collection to UW, all the way from New Jersey. Louis then donated them to the center so the kids could enjoy them as much as he had. He took joy in giving joy to others.

The recipient of this award is encouraged to carry on Louis’ goodwill by touching others’ lives in a meaningful way. Louis saw the good qualities of people first, rather than making quick judgments. If people give others a chance, the possibilities for positive change are endless.

2020 Recipient Chandler Krajco

Louis Korenman Badger Volunteers Award – 2020 Recipient Chandler KrajcoChandler Krajco has provided approximately 117 hours of volunteer service at the River Food Pantry since May 2018. As a Badger Volunteers Leader, she provides strong leadership through her excellent communication skills, self-reflection and positive attitude.

Chandler embodies the spirit of the Badger Volunteers community and serves as a model for fellow students. During her time at The River Food Pantry, she advocated for the organization resulting in the addition of a Friday volunteer team for the spring 2020 semester, providing more volunteers for the River Food Pantry and opportunities for other students.

Leading by example, Chandler represents Badger Volunteers as a responsible, kind and compassionate volunteer and serves as a role model to her team.


The Be the Change Bash is the Morgridge Center’s annual end-of-the-semester celebration. The Bash honors students, staff, faculty and community partners who contribute their time and talents to both the community and the UW-Madison campus through service.

The event also includes the Morgridge Center’s annual award ceremony.