For Graduate Students

Graduate Students, Morgridge UW-Madison, Photo by Bryce Richter

Our goal at the Morgridge Center for Public Service is to support any graduate student who wants to engage in community-based learning, teaching or research. We’ll connect you with the community and provide you with classes and resources to help your community-engaged scholarship flourish.


Association of Graduate Engaged Scholars

The Association of Graduate Engaged Scholars (AGES) is a student organization that supports the community-engaged research and teaching efforts of UW-Madison graduate students from any department.

Community-University Exchange (CUE)

The Community-University Exchange connects community knowledge to academic resources, community projects to professors and community organizations to researchers and service learners.

Delta Class

Each fall, our staff offers a non-credit or 1 credit graduate level course called “Principles and Practices of CBL and CBR.”

Community-based Research Opportunities

Discover Community-based Research opportunities across the UW-Madison campus. Find new partners, research and community opportunities.

Other Opportunities

Find awards, funding and professional development opportunities for graduate students engaged in community-based learning and research.