Poor and in Poor Health

Healthcare is a critical topic in America today. Research shows that there are direct links between being poor and increased health problems. But learn why access to care is not the only answer to the problem.

Read Poor and in Poor Health

"Poor and in Poor Health," released in November 2013, was prepared by intern Dan Simon with guidance from IRP editor Deborah Johnson, relying on research by IRP affiliates and other sources. Especially helpful were IRP affiliate and Professor Stephanie Robert's slide presentation for Badger Volunteers, "Social Policy is Health Policy: The Importance of Non-Medical Determinants of Health"; and "Poverty and Poor Health: Can Health Care Reform Narrow the Rich-Poor Gap?" Focus 28(2), IRP affiliate and former director Professor Barbara Wolfe, and The Biological Consequences of Socioeconomic Inequalities, edited by Barbara Wolfe, William Evans, and Teresa E. Seeman. Special thanks go to Professor Wolfe for her review of this fact sheet and helpful suggestions.