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What is Service Learning?

Service Learning courses are just like any other class you take on campus for credit, but they also feature a volunteer or community-engagement component. More than 40 departments teach over 100 Service Learning classes every year. Add real-world experience to your class schedule while getting involved in your community!

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Search the online Course Guide. Select the term. At the bottom left, click on 'Special Groups' and select 'Service Learning.' You can use other Course Guide functions to narrow your search.

Course Requirements

Service Learning classes include at least 25 hours of service throughout the semester as part of the course requirement. Typically, you'll begin by exploring the background of the issues that the class relates to and preparing to work with a community organization or agency. Then you will usually spend a few hours a week at that community partner site, using your skills to provide real benefits to your community partner. Your community partner will also become an important part of your education in the course.

Site Transportation

The Morgridge Center for Public Service offers transportation options to help Service Learning students get to and from their community partner sites. 

Why should I take a Service Learning course?

  • A recent UW-Madison survey found that over 91% of Service Learning students got more out of their Service Learning course than a traditional course
  • 100% of those students had a positive experience
  • This is your chance to link coursework directly to real-life experience and employment

Just ask former Service Learning students

"It is one thing to sit in a classroom and learn about something, but when you are actually out in the real world applying what you have learned to certain situations, you definitely get more out of the class."

"This will have been the most hands-on, productive class I've ever taken. It will have been the most important class I took at UW."

"The best part of my service experience was...getting to be closer friends with someone who could offer me a completely different perspective on life."