For All Students

Madison is one of the best and safest cities for bicyclists in the country. It's fast and it's environmentally friendly. Map your trip here for the safest bicycle route.

Don't have your own bike? Madison has a great bike-sharing program: B-cycle. UW-Madison students get an incredible discount for an annual membership at just $20. With bike docking stations all across the city, it's super convenient! Learn more about B-cycle.

For Badger Volunteers

If you have your own bicycle, you're more than welcome to use it to get to your site. Make sure to bring a lock and we strongly recommend wearing your helmet. Map your trip here for the safest bicycle route.


We've formed a partnership with Madison's bike-sharing program, B-cycle, to offer free use of the service. There are many B-cycle stations all throughout campus to start your trip. Plus, B-cycle has made an exclusive agreement to allow Badger Volunteers and Service Learning students to lock the bicycles up at locations without docking stations.

Decide what mode of transportation is best for your team
STEP 2: Fill out this survey to become an approved user
STEP 3: Find the nearest B-cycle station on campus and go for a ride!


Does your bike need repair?

The University Bicycle Resource Center offers free tools and regular classes to keep your bike in tip-top shape.