For All Students

You don't have to travel far to find great volunteer opportunities!

There are a number of volunteer opportunities right on campus or within easy walking distance. Plus, walking is the most environmentally friendly option!

Search the map below for opportunities close to campus.

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Badger Volunteers & Service Learning Students

Is your site within a 20-minute walk? We find if that's the case, then walking might be a good option for you. Map your route here to find out how far you might be walking.

You might also find that walking makes sense part of the semester, but it's good to have a backup as weather gets colder. If you're within walking distance of a site from campus, there's a very good chance a number of buses can also take you to that site in bad weather.

Make sure you always have a backup transportation option if you decide to walk to your site.


Please take into consideration the physical abilities of your fellow team members. If you believe one member might have difficulties walking a long distance, find a transportation option that everyone can feel comfortable with.