Wisconsin Idea Fellowships

Wisconsin Idea Fellowships, UW-Madison Morgridge

The Wisconsin Idea is the driving mission to ensure that the education and research at UW-Madison is used to benefit communities beyond our campus borders.

Wisconsin Idea Fellowships are awarded annually to undergraduate student projects working towards solving a challenge identified along with local or global community partner. Fellowships are awarded to semester-long or year-long projects designed by an undergraduate student (or group of students) in collaboration with a community organization and a UW-Madison faculty or academic staff member.

Projects can receive up to $7,000 in total funding and students receive 3 academic credits. Student recipients are also invited to present their work at the Undergraduate Symposium in the spring semester.

On average, 5 - 10 fellowships are awarded every year. Two special fellowships each year are specifically dedicated to social entrepreneurship as well as the opportunity in gap in Madison.

Applications for Wisconsin Idea Fellowships open each year in late fall with selections made in mid-spring.

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American Family InsuranceThe Wisconsin Idea Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship is generously supported by American Family Insurance.

The Michael Thornton and Nora Medina Social Innovation Award proudly supports projects targeting the opportunity gap in Madison.