Building a Proposal

What is most important to stress in my proposal?

Your proposal needs to stress how your project will innovatively meet the needs of the community partners and how it will meet your own needs as a student. Your project and budget must be realistic. Above all, your project must be feasible and possible to complete within the specified project duration.

What resources are available to help me as I write my proposal?

The UW Writing Center has familiarity with the WIF proposal process and can provide valuable feedback. You can also contact Garrett Grainger ( with any logistical questions.

Do I need to use citations in my project description?

Yes. Use citations and references if you are using specific sources to put your application together.

Do I need to use an official transcript?

No. Unofficial transcripts are fine and can be found through your MyUW webpage. Photocopies of official transcripts are also acceptable.

Can I attach an addendum if I have information that doesn’t fit in the proposal?

No. If the selection committee needs more information, they will reach out to you. Community partners may include additional information about themselves though in the letter of support.

Who decides which WIF proposals are selected?

A selection committee comprised of 5 members:

  1. One UW Student
  2. One UW Faculty
  3. One Community Organization Representative
  4. One Academic Staff Member
  5. One Morgridge Center for Public Service Staff Member

Who should the letters of support be addressed to?

WIF Selection Committee
716 Langdon Street
Room 154
Madison, WI 53706

fax: 608-262-0542