2023 Co-Curricular Team


The Morgridge Center for Public Service employs a number of student interns, graduate assistants and full-time professional staff. We are an on-campus employer and all positions at the center are eligible for work-study appointments.

We have internships in various positions including voter engagement, outreach, communications and more. See below for more details on each position.

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Co-Curricular Program Assistant
The Morgridge Center for Public Service is seeking a dedicated Co-Curricular Program Assistant, ideally someone with exceptional organizational skills and a passion for fostering community engagement. The deadline to apply is Sunday, July 28.

Operations Internship
The operations intern at the Morgridge Center for Public Service will have the opportunity to put their creative skills to work supporting our many programs and administrative procedures. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, July 23.


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BadgersVote Social Media

This BadgersVote social media intern plays an important role by creating content for and managing the @BadgersVote social media accounts. The intern works to promote voter registration, education and mobilization efforts across campus while making sure students have accurate information.

Badger Volunteers Community Development

The Badger Volunteers community development intern plans BV-wide events and socials, coordinate BV recruitment throughout the semester, and generate social media content in order to promote BV spirit, culture, and community.

Badger Volunteers Educational Programming

The Badger Volunteers programming intern oversees the entire process of BV educational and professional development programming from planning to actual presentation.

Badger Volunteers Media

The Badger Volunteers media intern performs tasks essential to the overall process of Badger Volunteers communications. In addition to day-to-day tasks, this intern trains the BV Executive Board on how to facilitate orientations as well as coordinate a small committee of students (communications committee) to send the BV Newsletter and enhance BV social media communications.

Campus Outreach

The campus outreach intern serves an integral role in the promotion and advancement of the Morgridge Center’s mission by conducting outreach presentations to students, faculty, student organizations, University Housing and Greek Life, and attending relevant campus events throughout the academic year that promote the Center’s programs, events and services.

Community-based Learning

Community-based Learning (CBL) interns support classes that incorporate meaningful, mutually beneficial community engagement into course content for deeper learning and increased community capacity.

Community Engagement Education

The community engagement education intern helps manage relevant workshop coordination logistics and facilitate and tailor workshops for various campus populations.

Community Outreach

The community outreach intern supports the work of the Morgridge Center in linking the community and the campus. This intern works to support and strengthen current partnerships with community organizations.

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Marketing and Communications

The marketing and communications intern plays an important role in the Morgridge Center by facilitating our promotion, marketing and assisting in the development of outreach materials.

Multimedia Design

The multimedia design intern plays an important role at the Morgridge Center by creating content for and managing our social media accounts.  The intern will work to promote our name, programs, and services to three audiences:  students, faculty/staff, and community agencies.


Operations interns greet and assist UW–Madison students, faculty, staff, non-profit representatives and other individuals that visit the Morgridge Center. As such, they are responsible for creating a professional, welcoming atmosphere.

Peer Advisors

The peer advisors play an important role in the Morgridge Center by providing one-on-one advising and outreach to individual students interested in engaging with the community.

Special Events

The special events intern serves as an integral role by assisting in the planning and implementation of Morgridge Center events, programs and ceremonies.

Student Organization Preparation

The student organization preparation intern supports efforts connected to the Morgridge Center’s recently developed Student Organization Partnership Program (SOPP) and works to prepare students to do meaningful, responsible and respectful community engagement.


The transportation intern supports the multi-modal Transportation Options program to get Badger Volunteers and Community-Based Learning students to their community partner sites; giving students the information they need to make an informed choice about how they get to their community partner site is a primary goal of the Morgridge Center.

Vote Everywhere Ambassadors

Vote Everywhere Ambassadors work together to register voters, bring down voting barriers, and tackle important social justice issues on their college campuses. Ambassadors develop the leadership skills, confidence, and strategic problem solving necessary to affect change on campus and beyond.