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Professional Development Resources

Morgridge Fellows

The purpose of the Morgridge Fellows program is to further institutionalize and support CES at UW–Madison. CES is defined as: teaching, research, and scholarly activities that are performed in equitable, mutually beneficial collaboration with communities and community members to fulfill campus and community objectives.

Fellows will receive a stipend of $1,500. The stipend can be used for conference attendance, resource materials, or other professional development activities relevant to furthering understanding of CES.

Community Engagement Preparation Resources

The Morgridge Center provides interactive workshops, online modules, and other educational resources for UW–Madison students (student organizations, classes, residence halls, etc.), staff and faculty who are involved in community-based work.

It is crucial that we think critically about our work with community members and organizations to ensure that we respect the existing work put forth by community leaders and find ways to mobilize our privilege as a campus community to support their efforts and initiatives.

University-Community Engagement Resource Library

University-Community Engagement Resource Library

Visit our University-Community Engagement Resource Library and peruse and utilize this resource in ways that best meet your interests.

Here, you’ll find modules and resources on community-based research, tenure and promotion, professional development resources, reflection tools and activities and more.

Our Morgridge Center staff are happy to support you in navigating the library and making sense of the available resources. Please contact Cory Sprinkel at for questions or assistance.

Your Top Resource

The Morgridge Center is here as your resource. For any questions on community-based learning or community-based research, contact:

Haley Madden, Assistant Director of Community-Engaged Scholarship

Cory Sprinkel, Community-Engaged Scholarship Specialist

Laura Livingston, Community-Engaged Scholarship Graduate

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