• Bianca Baldridge: A Youth Worker and Community-based Educator

    “The biggest thing is that you're nobody’s savior,” Baldridge says. “It was really getting them to burn their superhero capes and recognize that those desires are rooted in whiteness and white supremacy.”

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    2019-20 Wisconsin Idea Fellowships Awarded to Nine Projects

    The 2019-20 Wisconsin Idea Fellowships have been awarded to nine outstanding undergraduate projects at home and across the globe. A total of 15 UW-Madison undergraduate students are part of this year’s projects.

  • Marisa Dunning, Beth Enright, Josh Newman, Keerthana Sreenivasan, Marisa Gonzalez, Ethan Heroux, Jordan Daniel, Isabel Reams and Ashley Himmelmann

    2019 Wisconsin Without Borders Awards

    These 12 students and faculty are proof that that the Wisconsin Idea is a living, serving idea. This year’s Wisconsin Without Borders awards honor these students and faculty for their community-engaged work at home and across the world.

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