• Steven Olikara

    GridgeFridge: Public Service and Civic Responsbility with Steven Olikara

    In GridgeFridge’s sixth episode, we talk with Steven Olikara about his undergraduate experience at UW–Madison, leading a model of public service, political conversations and more.

  • Getting out the Vote

    Democracy Never Sleeps

    With the elections behind Wisconsin for the remainder of 2021, it is important to remember that voting is just one step in being a civically engaged citizen. Now is the time to take action, hold elected officials accountable, and get involved to ensure progress is made.

  • McBride's Badger Volunteers Team at Lakeview Elementary School's environmental education program making homemade apple cider with the students.

    Wisconsin State Assembly Chief of State fuels her work with Morgridge Center Experience

    Gillian McBride felt disconnected from the campus community and almost left UW her freshman year. But after she accepted a job at the Morgridge Center for Public Service, McBride says she decided to give UW a second chance. Now, she can’t imagine what her life would look like if she had chosen to leave.

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