Pathways to Public Service

Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement

The Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement portray six ways we can use our time and resources to help the common good. The Pathways, developed at the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University, describe a range of possibilities by which we can make a contribution to the common good and illustrate the big picture for the programs the Morgridge Center delivers and supports. They intersect and overlap, demonstrating there is no one single path to participate in public service.

Find the Pathway for You

These pathways identify means for cultivating and supporting a culture of engagement on our campus. They provide ways to contribute in a positive fashion to significant public problems and will best prepare our campus community for a future of productive contributions to the public good.

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Community-Engaged Learning and Research

Community-Engaged Learning and Research connects coursework and academic research to community-identified concerns to enrich knowledge and inform sustainable action on social issues for students and community partners.

Pathway opportunities on campus:

Community Organizing and Activism

Community Organizing and Activism includes involving, educating, and mobilizing individual or collective action to influence or persuade others.

Pathway opportunities on campus:

Direct Service

Direct Service includes working to address the immediate needs of individuals or a community, often involving contact with the people or places being served.

Pathway opportunities on campus:


Philanthropy includes donating or using private funds or charitable contributions from individuals or institutions to contribute to the public good. Many student organizations have philanthropic connections.

Pathway opportunities on campus:

Policy and Governance

Policy and Governance connects the participation in the political processes, policymaking, and public governance.

Pathway opportunities on campus:

Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility

Graduate-Student Specific Options

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