Strategic Plan

Every five years, the Morgridge Center for Public Service collaborates with key campus and community partners to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to guide our work and partnership development.

2016-2021 Strategic Initiatives

  1. Elevate the importance of Community-based Learning (CBL) across the Center and throughout campus.
  2. Redefine the Morgridge Center for Public Service’s financial model
  3. Leverage Pathways framework to broaden the definition of public service and more holistically prepare UW-Madison students to be their best civic selves
  4. Lead the development and implementation of the Campus Compact Civic Action Plan to foster and strengthen civic engagement at UW-Madison
  5. Become a more equitable and inclusive organization

Download the 2016-21 Strategic Plan

> Download the 2011-16 Strategic Plan

> Download the 2016-10 Strategic Plan