PHOTOS: Summer 2016 Badger Volunteers

Badger Volunteers Center for Resilient Cities
Badger Volunteers at Center for Resilient Cities are spending their summer as urban farmers on Madison’s south side. The volunteers take care of CRC’s 100% edible landscape by weeding, planting, pruning, watering, harvesting, building worm bins and more.


Badger Volunteers Clean Lakes
Clean Lakes Alliance came to the shores of Lake Mendota along campus for one of this summer’s Badger Volunteers education sessions. CLA taught students about the importance of keeping area lake cleans and demonstrated how they monitor water quality.


Badger Volunteers Bike Fed
Badger Volunteers out on State Street with Wisconsin Bike Fed. Volunteers help support Bike Fed’s mission of “making Wisconsin the best place to bicycle (and walk) in the US” by surveying, analyzing data, putting on education activities, planning special events and more. (photo by Kayla Naus)


Badger Volunteers Bike Fed
Badger Volunteers with the Wisconsin Bike Fed out on State Street promoting biking in Madison. The volunteers handed out flyers, answered questions and helped direct passersby to resources. (photo by Kayla Naus)


Badger Volunteers UW Arboretum
Staff at the UW-Madison Arboretum help direct Badger Volunteers before their work begins. Volunteers help maintain the 1,260-acre natural habitat by weeding, spreading mulch and doing other garden tasks. (photo by Gina Nerone)


Badger Volunteers UW Arboretum
Badger Volunteer Gina packs daises into a cart to be hauled away. Volunteers spent an afternoon at the UW Arboretum clearing away the flowers to make way for a new native plant habitat. (photo by Gina Nerone)


Badger Volunteers Farley Center
Volunteers at the Linda & Gene Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability help keep the center’s grounds looking good throughout the summer by maintaining trails, pruning, weeding and picking berries.



B-cylce Badger Volunteers Clean Lakes
Badger Volunteer Purva using B-cycle to get to her site with Clean Lakes Alliance. Volunteers help CLA with water quality monitoring at area swimming spots, lakeshore cleanup, storm drain stamping, special events and more.