6 things UW students need to know before voting

1. There’s a specific place you have to vote. Find your polling location here.

Voting begins at 7:00am on Tuesday, Nov. 8 and closes at 8:00pm. But as long as you’re in line at your correct polling place by 8:00pm, you must be allowed to vote.

You can register to vote on Election Day right at your polling place. Just make sure to bring a proof of residence (see here for examples). For UW students, you can show your current address on your Student Center using your phone.

You need to show an acceptable ID to vote. The most common forms of accepted IDs are a Wisconsin driver’s license or a US Passport. But if you don’t have either, you can get a free Voter ID issued by the university.

A driver’s license from a state not named Wisconsin will not be accepted as a form of ID. A Wiscard will not be accepted either.

Take a look at a sample ballot before you go into the voting booth so you know who and what you’re voting for.

And for all other questions, find the answer at vote.wisc.edu!