Morgridge Fellows Program to Support Community-Engaged Scholarship

The Morgridge Center for Public Service is thrilled to announce a pilot program that will be launching in the fall to give faculty members and instructors an opportunity to further their own community-engaged research and teaching while supporting the public mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Faculty members, instructors, and staff can apply to be a part of the first Morgridge Fellows program cohort, which will run during the 2018-2019 academic year.

According to the Morgridge Center’s Assistant Director for Community-Engaged Scholarship, Beth Tryon, the program will support the cohort in “developing a more robust understanding of good practices in teaching community-based learning courses or performing community-based research. We will especially focus on building trust relationships with new community partners, helping prepare graduate and undergraduate students to work in communities, and managing the logistics of community-engaged work, as well as issues in writing and publishing in this field.”

In collaboration with the Morgridge Center for Public Service academic staff, guest experts from the community, and UW faculty and staff guest speakers, Fellows will meet monthly and discuss topics of interest in the field of community-engaged scholarship, including community-based learning curriculum development, community-based research design, and strategies for developing equitable community-university relationships.

“We’d like to see the pilot cohort be able to act as a resource for others interested in CES and serve as ambassadors in their departments and across campus,” says Tryon, who will co-lead the program with Haley Madden, Community-Engaged Scholarship Specialist at the Morgridge Center.

Fellows will receive a stipend of $1,500 that can be used for conference attendance, resource materials, or professional development relevant to community-engaged teaching, research, and scholarship. They will also be able to attend an exclusive dinner with a nationally known expert in the field.

Faculty members and instructors interested in applying to join the Morgridge Fellows program should visit the website to see the short application instructions and process.