Achievement Connections Programming Evolves with Pandemic

Amid online learning challenges during the pandemic, Achievement Connections is recruiting UW-Madison student tutors to pair with local high schoolers. 

Achievement Connections is a tutoring program for Madison-area high schools which recruits UW students to work with local high schoolers on developing productive study skills in math subjects. The program has moved online this semester due to COVID-19. 

Achievement Connections Campus Coordinator Lauren Moy
Lauren Moy, Achievement Connections Campus Coordinator

“It’s a pretty easy and convenient way for students to connect with the community and volunteer this semester in a way that will be flexible with their schedule,” says Lauren Moy, the Achievement Connections Campus Coordinator. 

The volunteer application process can be completed in a few simple steps. First, students should email about their interest in becoming a volunteer. Then, students will go through a short interview process and quick math test to determine what math subjects they are best equipped to teach. 

Since volunteers do not need to worry about transportation or location restrictions in the virtual format, Moy says the program provides an accessible opportunity for UW students to mentor younger students.

“As college students, a lot of us have been struggling with the transition to online classes and feeling kind of lost or disconnected, and these high school students are going through the exact same thing,” Moy says. “I think it’s a great opportunity to reach out and provide support to those who are younger and also struggling through a similar portion of their education.”

Achievement Connections math tutor works with high school student
Achievement Connections math tutor works with high school student

While many volunteer opportunities have been discontinued due to COVID-19, Moy says Achievement Connections is unique in its versatility to adapt to the new challenges. 

Achievement Connections will be able to expand the flexibility of services to the high schools in the virtual format, and Moy hopes the program can offer tutoring services for subjects beyond math. Above all, Moy believes the connections students can make through the tutoring program mean even more during the pandemic. 

“You can just hop on to the Zoom and help out for a few hours with the students,” Moy says. “You’re actually getting to connect one-on-one with other people, and I think any contact with people has been helpful, especially when you’re growing real connections and supporting students.”

Achievement Connections will be hosting virtual volunteer orientation sessions on Oct. 20 and 27, and more sessions will be scheduled in November.

Contact with any questions or to apply for a volunteer tutor position.