GridgeFridge: Food for Thought with the Morgridge Center Podcast

The Morgridge Center for Public Service is ecstatic to announce the launch of GridgeFridge — a Morgridge Center podcast dedicated to connecting community, campus and student voices that foster, shape and cultivate a thriving democratic society.

GridgeFridge is a bi-monthly podcast which stewards the Morgridge Center’s mission by providing an exciting new medium through which it can engage in conversations highlighting reciprocal relationships between UW–Madison and the Madison community.

Communications and Marketing Specialist Xai Xiong says the Morgridge Center podcast has been long-in-the-making, and he is excited to see where the project goes in the future.

“It is an incredible opportunity to share the amazing work the Morgridge Center and UW–Madison community are doing with the broader Madison community,” Xiong says. “It is great to see the podcast get off the ground because it is such a unique and powerful medium, and I know we can build off GridgeFridge going forward to share stories crucial to furthering the Morgridge Center’s goals.”

In its first season, GridgeFridge has touched on topics such as addressing global issues like climate change, social justice activism on campus and barriers to youth participation in voting. Through amplifying a diverse cohort of campus and community voices, GridgeFridge provides a space to dive into questions surrounding reciprocal community engagement and how UW–Madison can continually strive to collaborate better with local and global community partners.

You can catch up on all the episodes of GridgeFridge on Spotify and stay tuned for future episodes through our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @morgridgecenter. For more information on the Morgridge Center and our programs, visit