Pursuing Careers in Public Service at UW-Madison with Hannah Hatlan-Atwell

GridgeFridge — the Morgridge Center for Public Service podcast — released the first episode of its third season about finding public service opportunities on campus and beyond with Hannah Hatlan-Atwell.

As a career advisor at the School of Human Ecology, Hatlan-Atwell helps UW-Madison students navigate the public service sector and prepare for future careers in public service. Before coming to SoHE, Hannah worked as a coordinator for the Achievement Connections program. Achievement Connections serves over 150 students in the Madison Metropolitan School District by providing math tutoring services with the help of over 100 UW-Madison students volunteers.

In this episode of GridgeFridge, we’ll explore Hannah’s work at SoHE supporting students pursuing public service careers and different resources on campus to help students’ find public service opportunities that match their goals and interests.