Morgridge Center launches new Engaged Alumni Award

The Morgridge Center for Public Service has launched a new award this year to honor UW-Madison alumni who have shown a commitment to civic engagement and service.

The Engaged Alumni Award is designed to recognize a UW-Madison alumnus who used their experience with the Morgridge Center for Public Service while a student as a springboard for lifelong civic engagement. This award honors alumni who continually strive to make their communities happier and healthier places to live.

“It’s our vision to make sure that all UW-Madison graduates leave campus with not just a degree but a foundation for lifelong civic engagement,” Morgridge Center Faculty Director and UW-Madison alumna Kathy Cramer said said. “We think that’s a critical part of a university education—especially at a public university.”

The award’s launch comes at the same time as the Morgridge Center celebrates its 20th anniversary. Opened in 1996 following a generous gift from alumni Tashia and John Morgridge, the Morgridge Center has spent the past two decades working to build an ever stronger culture of public service at UW-Madison in students, staff and faculty.

Megan Miller, Assistant Director for Civic Engagement at the Morgridge Center and herself a UW-Madison graduate, says it’s important to share the stories of alumni who have made a lifelong commitment to civic engagement and the Wisconsin Idea.

“It’s really rewarding to see our former students go out and become leaders in their communities after graduation,” Miller said. “They don’t always receive the recognition they deserve, and we hope this award will help inspire other alumni as well as current students.”

“And no matter what profession or sector alumni are working in, there are always ways for them to serve as leaders in their community,” Miller added.

This year’s Engaged Alumni Award recipient will be honored at the Morgridge Center’s second annual Be the Change Bash on Monday May 2 at the Discovery Building on campus. Additionally, $250 will be donated to a nonprofit of the recipient’s choosing.

To apply for the Engaged Alumni Award, visit the Morgridge Center website.

The Morgridge Center also honors current students, staff, faculty and community partners each year through its annual awards.