Connecting with Community Through Community-Engaged Scholarship with Laura Livingston

GridgeFridge — the Morgridge Center for Public Service podcast — released the sixth episode of its second season about the impacts of community-engaged scholarship with Laura Livingston.

Livingston, the Morgridge Center’s Community Engaged Scholarship graduate fellow, is a fourth-year PhD student in the Environment and Resources Program within the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies. With a background as an Agricultural Adviser in Ghana through the Peace Corps, Livingston has developed rich experiences working in community development and agricultural education. She supports Community Engaged Learning and Community-based Research across different programs at the Morgridge Center, including the Wisconsin Idea Fellowship (WIF), which provides funding for undergraduate student projects working toward addressing a challenge identified with a local or global community partner.

In this episode of GridgeFridge, we talk with Livingston about her path to the Morgridge Center, how Wisconsin Idea Fellowships work and how WIF scholars leave lasting impacts on communities close to campus and beyond. 

 To learn more about Wisconsin Idea Fellowships, visit the WIF page on the Morgridge Center website.