WOECF: This is your chance to do something great for Wisconsin

This is your chance to do something great for Wisconsin. And earn $3,000.

The Wisconsin Open Education Community Fellowship (WOECF) is an innovative way to give back to Wisconsin this summer while also earning money. The deadline to submit your proposal is March 18.

WOECF challenges undergrad students at UW-Madison to work with a community partner in a Wisconsin city or town to identify a community need and then design a project that works towards a solution. Accepted projects will then be implemented by the students and community partners over summer 2016.

Each project can have 1-3 students and each student will receive a $3,000 personal stipend. In essence, this can replace money you would have otherwise made at a different summer job. There’s also up to $2,000 available for project implementation.

Each project must also address an issue related to sustainability, public health, or literature (the topics of the six UW MOOCs offered in the past year).

Interested… even remotely? Here’s what you should do next:

  • Visit the WOECF website to learn more.
  • Contact Dave Lassen at dlassen@wisc.edu. He’s the WOECF Graduate Assistant and he’s ready to answer all of your questions… even if you do not yet have a community partner or specific project in mind. He’ll also be there along the way as you design your project.
  • The project has to take place in a Wisconsin community you have a connection to. For most people, this is a place they’ve lived in. But it could also be a town you have family in or a place you perhaps used to go to summer camp in. Or some other connection. Not sure what counts? Just ask Dave.
  • Work with a community organization in that city/ town to identify a community need or issue. This should be a collaborative and reciprocal project. Here’s some inspiration.
  • Not sure how to find a partner organization? Read these tips.
  • Find a UW-Madison faculty mentor who will work with you. Read these tips.
  • If you can, get your proposal together by Friday, Feb. 19, 2016. If you make this deadline, the WOECF team will review your proposal, give you tips on improving it and allow you to resubmit.
  • All final proposals MUST be submitted by March 18, 2016.