Achievement Connections Seeks Volunteer Math Tutors

Achievement Connections Campus Coordinator Amy Wilson speaks to a student at the 2017 Fall Public Service Fair. 

A high school student in Dane County who passes Algebra 1 by the 10th grade is more likely to receive their high school diploma on time than a student who fails.

Passing Algebra 1 has also been identified as a significant predictor for future academic success and is the focal point of the Achievement Connections program.

Achievement Connections, a volunteer math tutoring program, connects UW-Madison students and other community volunteers to high school students who would like extra support in their algebra or geometry classes. Tutors provide support at Madison’s East, La Follette, Memorial and West high schools, and Middleton High School.

Students are matched with one specific tutor for one to two hours per week for a full semester or more. This individual support enables the tutor and student to consistently build upon the students’ math skills as well as develop a strong rapport.

“Statistically, the results have been positive,”Achievement Connections Campus Coordinator Amy Wilson said. “Two external evaluations conducted by the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at UW-Madison found statistically significant positive correlations between the number of mathematics objectives our students mastered and higher math GPA among students, as well as improved student engagement and math self-efficacy.”

With more than 150 volunteer math tutors connected to Achievement Connections annually, this program relies heavily on volunteer support. Ongoing support and training is offered to Achievement Connections tutors.

Achievement Connections is regularly recruiting and placing new volunteer math tutors during the school year.

UW-Madison students interested in serving as an Achievement Connections tutor should contact Amy Wilson at to learn how they can get involved.

Achievement Connections is a partnership between United Way of Dane County, the Morgridge Center for Public Service, AmeriCorps, the Madison Metropolitan School District and the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District.